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Cyborg Jeff crossing over the scene - album - 2001

CD Album : Crossing over the scene

After long long time arrives the 10th CJ’s album… long delay due to new installation of the Creadream Sound Studio.. Quality always be better, especially due to using of Modplug VST!

some tracks was realised with : Didier Rombauts, Albert Wellem, Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Al Najjir, Thierry Dubois, …

Edited and Produced by Creadream Sound Studio, Midtown Studio and Xport Studio.
Coproduced by Quéna Sound
Cover realised by Cyborg Jeff
Cover re-edition realised by Cyborg Jeff and Catherine Delfosse

CD Best Of : Best Of Cyborg Jeff

Cyborg Jeff - Here comes my best ofNot really the more intersting CD from Cyborg Jeff,.. cause this is just a Best Of especially including vocal track from the two last album and some news (before next album…) So this Best Of was realised to promote Eglantine tracks.

Edited by Studio 33
Produced by Creadream Sound Studio
Coproduced by IMECOm, X-Gravity Division and Quéna Sound
Cover by Cyborg Jeff