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CD Album : HTML Quest

HTML Quest - Cyborg Jeff - 2001
HTML Quest – Cyborg Jeff – 2001

9th CJ’s CD Album with just and only Chiptunes tracks… What’s chiptunes.. this is music track with really old and pure synthesizer waves… (as C64 and Gameboy sounds…)… Most of the tracks are remix of game music, or personnal CJ’s composition designed for Game tracks…

Some of them was written with : Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Sylvain Martin (Pype), Valentin Boigleot (Tbob).

Edited and Produced by Creadream Sound Studio, Downtown studio, Midtown Studio
Cover realised by Cyborg Jeff

CD Album : Esperenza

Esperenza - Cyborg Jeff - Original Cover3rd CJ’s CD Album. This one reflect a new kind of soundtrack, .. especially cause of new perception of the music world during CJ’s trip to Louvain-La-Neuve (learning to be sound engineer). This album was made with Valentin Boigelot (Tbob), Tetrachorde, Sylvain Martin (Pype), Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14),…

edited by Creative Sound Studio Chênée
producted by Creative Sound Studio and X-perimental Association from LLN
cover realised by Cyborg Jeff