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Divagation : 20th anniversary

It’s time to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of Divagation, the first CD album of Cyborg Jeff.  You should go back to year 1997 ! That years received an incredible influence of big sounds coming from Faithless, Sash!, DJ MD or B.B.E. and for sure this album pick up a lot of mood from that DJs.

I had just 19 years old and in april my best friend Vivien had just received a brand new CD writer for his computer. (Wooow). At that time burning his own CD was something completly new and incredible ! Anyway the 20 selected songs in WAV can’t fit inside a 650mo hard drive, that mean i should have only kept 15 tracks for this first album !

Just remember at that time, i’m creating soundtracker music with Impulse Tracker running under MS-DOS, a software coming from the Amiga scene. Compare to MAO solution from that period, this software will not just only record the note but include samples from the instrument, that mean the .IT file format will be render exactly the same on each compure and will not be dependent from a MIDI Keyboard soundbank.

Anyway, we can’t compare the quality of this album with big DJ productions. It was composed with our brand new Pentium 120mhz with a big 8mo memory. Anyway the computer will not able to manage such kind of memory in MS-DOS, and our audio card will not support Stereo output.

So if this original album was not using Stereo effect, this anniversary version will include all tracks with some stereo enhancement and polish mastering adjustement.

Divagation is not just and only a technical story, but also stories about teenage time with all my friends, girls and school time…

Sound Cloud - Cyborg Jeff - Y

Crossroads in my life – Y

For sure, years passed and music is sometimes far from today’s life. I’ve so many works with the children, movies, weddings, photos, gardening,… anyway, i’m still there.

Sometimes you’ve just on a crossroad in your life. both left and right road seems to be a good way. Once with flowers and and another with cute far village. Once seems to be long and the other one with some hills to climb. None of them was worst, you just need to choose your way and can’t go forward.

Cyborg Jeff - YAt that moment, you’ve been dropped in a temp crash, that let you stay in both life. Your mind was connected to Open Mogplug Tracker with the minimalist 4KLange VSTi and you hands let play some notes between to movie rendering. A song was borned. That tune have not a one way direction, there are many hypothesis, no schemes but surprises, aproximations, imperfections… just like the life.

What a chance, i realy need a new generic theme for IFRES season 2015. For sure i should also try to use this song in a 4K Demo or 64ko project, but i need to share it now. It’s still in the same mod than Love Potion Level 4 as it use the same synths.

Musically, i was proud of this bass sound that balance the track. It sounds minimalist but have something modern too. The bass theme is for sure a poke to New Beat generation.

About the quite intro note sequence, it remember scenemusic ambient (maybe 2L from Alkama ?) (7 bytes, 479 hits)

  Crossroads in my life - Y 2015.MP3 (10.7 MiB, 477 hits)

Beyond the Galaxy - Cyborg Jeff

CJ 20 YEARS #1 – Beyond the Galaxy

1995 – 2015 : There’s now 20 years i’m programming music with my computer with now more than 1000 songs. So it’s a good moment to let your (re)discover some of them each week !

The first one i choose is “Beyond the Galaxy” written in the end of 1996 with my brand new PC Pentium, this track is some kind of Amiga Shoot’m up style. At that time i wrote especially Techno tracks but i touched to all kind of music and writing video games music is allready things i liked. In 1996, i was still working in .S3M file format with Scream Tracker III and after 1 year and half, that was my 262th song.

This module use samples coming from classical amiga set and there are a melody part played with a Piano like “Dream Music” that i really liked in 96. Many times have passed till i’ve written this song and i know many of you also like that track. There a point i notice now, the fact that it sounds like a Rock music using realy oldschool sounds.

  BETGAL.S3M (68.7 KiB, 753 hits)

Beyond the Galaxy is also available on the CD album Gimme an Amiga available on Bandcamp, Jamendo or Spotify.

1997 on the place

Aahhh, i know i should write new song in case of taking time to add old stuff, anyway, for now “real” life take me lot of time (work, familly, building,..) so I will soon be back with new stuff (promise!)… anyway i’ve just finishing to add the 1997 full archive.

This one included more than 200 tracks including original .IT files from the album Divagation, Summer Island and Esperenza.

Those one could be classified in 3 period : First ending of 96 style (Dream/Trance) then switching to vocal dance and finally more xperimental songs.

cyborgjeff's music collection : YEAR 1996

module from year 1996

Here is it :), i’ve just added the full RAR pack containing all the modules from year 1996. This critical year is the first one introducing Cyborg Jeff in trackers world,.. with a stupid techno traxx called “Cyborg’s Laugh” and finally Mc Piet let swtich to be Called Cyborg Jeff…

(Jeff coming from a DJ called Jeff Miles, cause at this time the music i let heard to my friends seems to be close to the one from this DJ)

It’s also my first album (K7 album at this time) called “A journey in my mind” that i will soon re-edit ;p

Full Archive

As friends ask me, i’ve began to also add an archive section in the downloads pages.
So for now during the time i’m adding each song of the year 1995 in the database (soon finished), you could also download the hole year 1995 in a RAR archive (10mo).

I also do that for Cyborg Jeff’s album, as all the album information are available on ALBUM section, you could download the RAR file from Divagation throught Download Section (i’ll link soon ALBUM and DOWNLOAD section)

Adding season 1995

Well, i’m for now preparing the birthday of CyborgJeff and adding all the 1995 and 1996 seasons in the database. You will find soon new song in download sections and also a big RAR files including all the song from a hole year.

During all the year, i’ll do the same for each years. I also need to prepare a birthday album with first Cyborg Jeff best of and may be remixed version.