LastFM kicks off indie musicians

LastFM kicks off indie musicians

Well, there more than 10 years now that i used LastFM to scroble the song i listen to, but also to share my music album. In 2005, LastFM was the first place i could upload a complete album let it share to you freely.

Bought to CBS in 2007, LastFM have tryed some dark streaming pay version but kept the free solution till augutst 2015. At that date, a BETA version have been released with many options deleted.

One of them is the possibility to upload music as a independant artist or label. But LastFM have also unlinked all the music freely available till ten years. That means many of my Cyborg Jeff’s album was now unvailable.

Once again the world of music have made a step in the darkness.


4 thoughts on “LastFM kicks off indie musicians

  1. Strangely enough, lots of my albums are still available on, despite me being an indie musician. Could it be because at one point, my music was available on iTunes (it’s gone since 2014 and now Bandcamp-exclusive)?

    1. Well dunno. Some of my album was also on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Google bundle… but linked to non-exclusive label only for that place. May be is it cause i’m not US ? That should also a possibility (some kind of different laws for US streaming than in Europe ?

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