CD Album : CJ’s World Remix

CJ's World Remix
CJ’s World Remix

During year 2003, i’ve finally decided to launch a project where famous scene musicians and not so known will remix some Cyborg Jeff great tunes in a memorial album cd.. Sure you’ll find on this album lot of different style of music, but that’s the fun of this world cds!

Tracks are remixed by Gdream (Arnaud Kendjiroud), Little Bitchard (Koivisto), Nightflowers, Yelson, Crazy Man (Olmo Lipani), Phenixir, Logic Dream (Michel Dogniaux), Lightning (Christophe Vindreau), Genetic Gemini (Thomas Kuhn), Xenon (Fabrice Tonnelier), Prophecy (Tero Tarkiainen), Makke (Markus Nillson), Maf (Benoît Charcosset), Sample Master (Nijhof), Gremino (Antti Salonnen), Lucky Mog (Valérian Simon), LLB (Laurent Lebrun), Paranoyak (Antoine Dumeige) and Strike (Claret)

Produced by Creadream Multimédia
Edited by Creadream Multimédia, and Trackers At Work
Distributed by Trackers At Work
Cover realised by Toad

mini album of CJ’s world remix

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