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New CD Album : Super CJ Land – Welcome to my TinyWorld

Super CJ Land - cover - gameboy - cyborgjeffHappy New Year dear friends ! Finally the brand new CJ’s album is there ! I know there was a long time ago i’m working on it ! It’s probably not the one i first imagine and sometimes takes more time to think about it than work on it… For sure be a daddy, have two works and also be Cyborg Jeff is not so easy ! So for instance, it should be first a ChipDisk coded by K93 and animated by my bros. Pype. That was in 2004 !

So, Super CJ Land : Welcome to my TinyWorld is not just a simple Chiptunes album nor an album written with just a GameBoy… This is a trip in Cyborg Jeff’s world with all this simple sounds and tinyfication challenges. Tools and software have changed during this long project. You’ll find musics composed with the Farbrausch FM synthesizer well known in the Demoscene world. You will also listen to tracks sounding like the C64 gold period ! But also some tunes for Video Games like in Amiga and Nintendo ! So i’ll hope this variety will be a strong of this album !

>> Télécharger l’album sur BandCamp

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2 new unreleased albums on Jamendo

Cyborg Jeff - Bouéville - Cover - 2005This is not planned but two unreleased albums have just been released on Jamendo. “La guerre des pâquerettes” and “Bouéville” was waiting there since few month, and due to technical reason, they have been released yesterday 😉

The songs included in those album are written since 2003 to 2005 and many of them are allready available on the website.

Both propose music written for video games. La guerre des paquerette is a adventure game starring the Black’s knight. this game was developped by Arcallians. The second albums proposed many songs written for different Boué Team games developped by Sylvain Sarrailh. (do you remember him, it’s Toad who have realised the different illustration from cyborgjeff)

CD Album : CJ’s World Remix

CJ's World Remix
CJ’s World Remix

During year 2003, i’ve finally decided to launch a project where famous scene musicians and not so known will remix some Cyborg Jeff great tunes in a memorial album cd.. Sure you’ll find on this album lot of different style of music, but that’s the fun of this world cds!

Tracks are remixed by Gdream, Little Bitchard (Koivisto), Nightflowers, Yelson, Crazy Man (Olmo Lipani), Phenixir, Logic Dream (Michel Dogniaux), Lightning (Christophe Vindreau), Genetic Gemini (Thomas Kuhn), Xenon (Fabrice Tonnelier), Prophecy (Tero Tarkiainen), Makke (Markus Nillson), Maf (Benoît Charcosset), Sample Master (Nijhof), Gremino (Antti Salonnen), Lucky Mog (Valérian Simon), LLB (Laurent Lebrun), Paranoyak (Antoine Lebrun) and Strike (Claret)

Produced by Creadream Multimédia
Edited by Creadream Multimédia, and Trackers At Work
Distributed by Trackers At Work
Cover realised by Toad

mini album of CJ’s world remix

CD Album : In memory of the Past, here come my Present to the Future

Explode of new release will finally let be ready this really long name album.. not so rightly customise, but proposing once again better quality tracks and an excellent cover realised by Toad. For this 12th album, Cyborg Jeff also has launched a mini website promoting the CD.

Some tracks are realised with Athena (Jessica Thirion), DJ 3.14 (Pierrick Hansen), Gandalf (Jean-Roland Becart), Pype (Sylvain Martin), Marie David, Paul Gossart,…

Produced by Creadream Label
Edited by Creadream Label, Boué Team, Game Project
Cover realised by Toad and inspirated from Pype (Sylvain Martin), Lord Seb, K93 (Steve Kossouho)