Gimme an Amiga

Cyborg Jeff - Gimme an Amiga - cover - 2012Oldschool tracks written in 96 find a new life in this new Jamendo album : Gimme An Amiga, remembering the time i was dreaming i’ll have an Amiga !

In 1993, two friends show me the Amiga 500, this incredible computer was powerfull to play video-game but also for musical creations especially with Sound Tracker software using samples as instrument. During long month i was dreaming i’ll had an Amiga, but i should wait june 95 before i had an equivalent tool on my PC.
In more than 1 year, i’ll composed most than 300 tracks with Fast Tracker, Scream Tracker, inspirated by the production of Amiga musicians as 4Mat, Moby, Bjorn Lynne, Barry Leitch,… This new album was a souvenir from that time. When i worked with just a 80386 computer with 40mhz processor, only 1mo of memory and allready an older computer compare the brand new Intel Pentium, but enough to write kwel musics ! Those one was just a little remasterised to give you more than just the original .MOD files signed by old name Mc Piet


released 31 December 1996
Stephane Beelen – Nintendo – Sunsoft – Sabine Fontaine – René Barjavel – Astrofire – Bjorn ‘Dr Awesome’ Lynne – Sega – Two Crude Dudes – Yamaha PSR210 – Laurent ‘MegG’ Rosati – Hocus Pocus – Apogee – Creative Software – Laurent ‘Parmy’ Mazzapicchi – Pierrick Hansen – Sylvain ‘Pype’ Martin – Olaf Gustafsson – Pinball Dreams – 21st Century – Cédric ‘Vanoïd’ Vanrutten – Didier Rombauts – Confetti’s – Doom – Duke Nukem – Jaunty Step – Alain Gillon – Jean-Denis ‘JedD’ Magis – Red Alert – Frédéric ‘Moby’ Motte – Andromeda – Jogeir Liljedahl – Vivien Vanoirbeek – Romuald Dispa – Arnaud Guyon – Nuke… and all soundtrackers of the Amiga Scene !Using : Scream Tracker III for creating music – Fast Tracker II for sampling sounds
and a Yamaha PSR210 little synthesizer.

Mc Piet – S.A.B. Production – Alien from Seraing – Creative Sound Studio
P.P.P. Team Software – Eddy Music

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