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« Every Song Has A Story » now compatible with Safari and iOS.

Hmm, long time i’ve try to understand why the « PodPress » MP3 player  will not switch from Flash to HTML5 when i use my iPad. That would be so kwel if users will be alble to listen to the 556 till available on the website « Every Song Has A Story« .

After convert all the database to another podcast plugin (PowerPress), the HTML 5 works but only on Chrome, Firefox. iOS device and Safari still not working. I Finally understood that it was due to the FTP call that was not supported in Apple system. That means using the HTML 5 <audio> was not supproted with this kind of source. Now i’ve migrated all the MP3Stream in an html format and it works well after doing a search&replace in the database.

It would be a good idea to add the next songs on the website isn’t it ?

Beyond the Galaxy - Cyborg Jeff

CJ 20 YEARS #1 – Beyond the Galaxy

1995 – 2015 : There’s now 20 years i’m programming music with my computer with now more than 1000 songs. So it’s a good moment to let your (re)discover some of them each week !

The first one i choose is « Beyond the Galaxy » written in the end of 1996 with my brand new PC Pentium, this track is some kind of Amiga Shoot’m up style. At that time i wrote especially Techno tracks but i touched to all kind of music and writing video games music is allready things i liked. In 1996, i was still working in .S3M file format with Scream Tracker III and after 1 year and half, that was my 262th song.

This module use samples coming from classical amiga set and there are a melody part played with a Piano like « Dream Music » that i really liked in 96. Many times have passed till i’ve written this song and i know many of you also like that track. There a point i notice now, the fact that it sounds like a Rock music using realy oldschool sounds.

  BETGAL.S3M (68,7 KiB, 728 hits)

Beyond the Galaxy is also available on the CD album Gimme an Amiga available on Bandcamp, Jamendo or Spotify.

Bilou’s School Zone, level 2

Bilou's Adventure - School Zone level 2Wouw, some delay in my production. My brother have finished the level 2 of School Zone, some kind of run level called : Deep Ink… That mean i should create a new ambient for this level, and i would like to keeep using same sample set from the one use in the first level…

After some essais, i realy like the result that should know be included to the game.

Download it for your Nintendo DS


Thanks untergrund.net

There are 8 years now Cyborg Jeff tunes and website are freely hosted by Untergrund.net a webspace for Demosceners. Few days ago, all the server have been impacted by a important hack attack. I know how many time and energies are needed to solve those kind of problem ! I would like here to greet Scamp who offer to all sceners this place to share their work. Without that, i’ll never be able to let you discover those many songs i’ve tracked !

C’est Extraordinaire on iTunes

DJ Daerden - iTunesMay be this track was not the best song i have written, anyway this humoristic belgian techno track is the well known buzz i’ve made,… it was in 2006 !

Today, Cyborg Jeff feat. DJ Daerden – C’est Extraordinaire is available on iTunes and in few days also on Spotify. This is first for a limited period, but i’ll investigate the option to let it available for a longuer time !

You can buy it here and promote my forcoming songs !

Super CJ Land - Cyborg Jeff - iTunes

Super CJ Land available on iTunes store, amazon, spotify,…

I’m really proud that this moment have arrived. My brand new album « Super CJ Land » is now available on iTunes Store, Spotify, Amazon, JunoDownload and many other cloudmusic places. For sure, it’s not more a free distribution methods, but i hope it let it share my Bliip Bliips to more people around the world !

I hope to let you discover collector’s album stuffs that would be proposed on BandCamp as physical CD and GameBoy cartbridge.

Great thanks for this project to  : Vadu, Pete Corvus, Shortcut, Tohad, Pype, Pierrick, Matt, LLB, Zavie,…

New CD Album : Super CJ Land – Welcome to my TinyWorld

Super CJ Land - cover - gameboy - cyborgjeffHappy New Year dear friends ! Finally the brand new CJ’s album is there ! I know there was a long time ago i’m working on it ! It’s probably not the one i first imagine and sometimes takes more time to think about it than work on it… For sure be a daddy, have two works and also be Cyborg Jeff is not so easy ! So for instance, it should be first a ChipDisk coded by K93 and animated by my bros. Pype. That was in 2004 !

So, Super CJ Land : Welcome to my TinyWorld is not just a simple Chiptunes album nor an album written with just a GameBoy… This is a trip in Cyborg Jeff’s world with all this simple sounds and tinyfication challenges. Tools and software have changed during this long project. You’ll find musics composed with the Farbrausch FM synthesizer well known in the Demoscene world. You will also listen to tracks sounding like the C64 gold period ! But also some tunes for Video Games like in Amiga and Nintendo ! So i’ll hope this variety will be a strong of this album !

>> Télécharger l’album sur BandCamp

Continuer la lecture de New CD Album : Super CJ Land – Welcome to my TinyWorld

Soon a new website

cyborgjeff.com 2014
New cyborgjeff.com website during 2014 development.

Dear fellow, lot of you still read news of this CJ website, espcially from the RSS feed. Anyway i should rebuild it completly. This old Xoops based website run now until soon 10 years and i should used a new CMS engine. During few month i’ll tansfert important data to the new website that will became the new www.cyborgjeff.com. Lot of links will be fixed (i’ve reported lot of songs that will not work).

So here is the deal : brand new tracks, best of and actuality will be available on : http://new.cyborgjeff.com (that would be later www.cyborgjeff.com)

The complete CJ soundtrack anthology still grow up on http://tracker.cyborgjeff.com with for now tracks from 1995 to 1998 (549 tracks)